"What do you do once you have already got a date? Even if you are married or in a steady relationship, you might want to plan a date. The company provides a date-planning application that co-founder Rotem Tal describes as a virtual concierge service. "
"This example may have given you an idea of some of Dateini's potential revenue streams. On one hand, it could sell sponsorships - either to venues keen to gain visibility on its results page or to brands that want to sponsor a specific theme. On the other hand, it could also charge commissions on date-related purchases, such as ticket sales, vouchers, and restaurant reservations."
"When I was troubled and wondered where I will take my date, this service tell you what to do"
"Finally ready to meet your internet love offline? Well, the next step is to meet-up. But where, when and what to do? Well the founders of Dateini.com have created an online application to help create the perfect date"
"The time you select a day, hire a babysitter, and choose the perfect outfit, finding something to actually do on a date night with your spouse can seem like an afterthought. Dateini is a web-application that couples can use to plan the perfect date nights no matter where they live or what they're interested in."
"Dateini solves a big problem that many couples have and that is 'what to do'. The UI is intuitive and sharp looking and the aggregation is quick. You can also select to have your dates include coupons, deals and discounts to look like a rockstar and stay on a budget."
Video interview with Dateini.com co-founder, Rotem Tal and few insights on Israel start-up scene