What is Dateini?
A service that helps you plan the perfect date night, according to your preferences, anywhere in the world in just a click. For more info check our about page.

Ok, nice - How do you do it?
One word. Abracadabra.

Why can't I see my city?
No worries my friend, coming soon.
Not to brag about our magic stick capabilities, but our service is already covering all of North America and Western Europe.
Once we get more "Magic Powder", we will enable Dateini to many more cities.

My city is huge, can you plan it by neighborhood?
Yes. Soon we will enable that option, so you can just give us the exact area you want to spend your date night.

What is the meaning of the themes?
Check them out on our about page.

Will you do more themes?
Yes. We already have two more coming:)

What are the budget levels?
Dateini gives you the option to choose how much you want to spend on your date night.
When choosing Bronze, the service will find an affordable date. Silver will provide you a classy night in the city, and Gold is really going all out for your significant other.

What do you mean by including daily deals?
Dateini wants to help you save a buck or two and still have a great night.
That's why if you ask Dateini to, our service will look to find you daily deals and help you with the effort.

Will the venues always be close to each other?
We are doing our best to keep all 3 stops on the date within a walking distance.
But sometimes the great things will be a bit further from each other.

Are the dates always planned for the same day?
Currently, in the instant wizard we surface results for tonight or within the next few days.
Stay tuned for our next features that will allow you to plan more in advanced.

If I want to cancel a ticket\voucher that I purchased, do I contact Dateini?
Dateini is not responsible for any problems with 3rd party services that sell tickets, vouchers, services, etc.
Dateini is monitoring and aggregating the data to combine it into a fantastic date night for you.

Dateini, You know you saved my life?
Yeah, that's why we are here.
You should Like and follow us so we can save your life even more!